For Mirella

I’m compiling here the list of lectures that I have given or intend to give for my daughter Mirella. The oral lectures are given in French, but the texts written afterwards are in Vietnamese. I’ll make them into a book for school children.

(1) A Steiner problem: shortest path connecting the 4 vertices of a square. [optimization / variational methods]

(2) Polygons and their symmetry groups [group theory]

(3) Square wheels! [geometry, engineering]

(4) Princess Dido’s problem [optimization / variational methods]

(5) Walking ants problem [mathematical reasoning]

(6) Turing a square into an equilateral triangle [geometry, logic]

(7) Fibonacci numbers and exponential series [algebra, analysis]

(8) Cows eating grass problem [linear algebra]

(9) Gorilla selling bananas [optimization]

(10) Tessellations [geometry, transformation groupoids]

(11) Calculating 1^2 + 2^2 + … + n^2 [algebra, recurrence]

(12) What is integral [calculus]

(13) Which way takes less time?  [classical mechanics / variational methods]

To come:

* Strategies in war games [convex optimization]

* Bernoulli’s brachistochone [optimization / variational methods]

* What is derivation [calculus]

* Orbits [mechanics / analytical geometry]

* Curves of infinite length [fractal geometry]

* Crazy loto [diverging series]

* Snowflakes [symmetry in nature/ combinatorics]

* Chocolate eating game [combinatorics / logic]

* Seven Bridges of Königsberg (lementary topology / graph theory)

* Mobius band (simple topology)

* Eratosthenes measuring the earth (geometry)

* Pinnochio’s nose (logic)

* Optimal polygons





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