Luật pháp ở VN hiện nay thực sự không phải là luật pháp, mà nó chỉ là một mớ kỷ luật áp dụng để bảo vệ chế độ, bảo vệ cho những người đang đương quyền mà thôi. Luật pháp ở những nước khác là dùng để bảo vệ người dân, mang lại an ninh trật tự cho xã hội, và bảo vệ những người thấp cổ, bé miệng. Còn ở Việt Nam thì pháp luật bảo vệ cho chế độ và những người đang cầm quyền.
by Luật sư Tạ Quang Trung nói về điều 88 Bộ luật Hình Sự

School 2011

Last updated: 31/May/2011

International Thematic School: Mathemcatical Methods in Finance and Economy

Do Son, Hai Phong, Vietnam, from 24/October to 01/November, 2011.

Organized by: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), and Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST)

Other sponsors include: Hanoi Centre for Financial and Industrial Mathematics (Hanoi National University of Education), HaiPhong University, …

Scientific Committee: Nguyen Dinh Cong (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics), Huyên Pham (Paris 7), Christine Thomas (Toulouse 1), Stéphane Villeneuve (Toulouse 1), Nguyen Tien Zung (Toulouse 3)

Local organizers: Nguyen Viet Dung (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics, chair), Do Duc Thai (Hanoi National University of Education), Luu Hoang Duc (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics), Dang Thu Huong (MilitaryBank)

Place: The school will take place at the main conference room (capacity: 150 people) at Hai Au Hotel, Do Son, Hai Phong. Participants can be lodged at Hai Au Hotel and nearby hotels in Do Son resort.

Tentative programme:

* 7 lecture courses given by leading academic experts

* Talks given by professionals in the financial world.

* Short research talks.

Lecture courses:

* Rama Cont (Columbia University and CNRS): Modelling of financial markets.

* Paul Embrechts (ETHZ): Extreme value theory in finance

* Jean-David Fermanian (CREST): Financial risk management

* Berndt Oksendal (Oslo): Stochastic optimization in finance

* Jérôme Renault (Toulouse 1): Game theory in economy.

* Christian-Yann Robert (ISFA Lyon): Risk measures in finance and insurance.

* Christine Thomas (Toulouse 1): Spatial statistics and applications to the real estate market.

Talks given by financial professionals include: (to be added)

Cultural activities: Excursion to Cat Ba Island (a national park in Ha Long Bay), banquet, …

Registration fees: (to be added)

Financial support: (to be updated)

We have money to give (partial) financial support, including registration fees and accommodation, to a number of participants. Details will be available later.

For any inquiry please contact the local organizers.

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