Participants GIS2007

Below is a list of international participants (from outside of Vietnam) of the conference GIS2007, together with their arrival/departure dates and hotel (if available). If you plan to attend the conference but don’t see your name in the list, please let me know so that I can correct it.

We estimate that about 30 Vietnamese people will attend te conference.

  1. ALBOUY Alain (Paris): Sat 30/Mar 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35 via Singapore, Army Hotel
  2. AUDIN Michèle (Strasbourg): 09/Apr 15h00 AF174 — 18/Apr AF171, Army Hotel
  3. AYOUL Michael (Toulouse): 08/Apr 10h via Hongkong — ?, Army Hotel
  4. BARKATOU Moulay (Limoges): 07/Apr 12h35 via Singapore — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  5. BOLSINOV Alexey (Loughborough): 08/Apr 8h00 via Moscow — 13/Apr 12h45, Army Hotel
  6. *BOYOM Michel (Montpellier)
  7. CABRERIZO Jose (Seville) + wife: 08/Apr 12h35 SQ176 — 16/Apr 13h35 SQ175, Melia Hotel
  8. CASALE Guy (Rennes): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  9. CELLI Martin (Pisa): 07/Apr 13h40 — 14/Apr 14h40, Army Hotel
  10. CHONG Kyu Han (Seoul), Army Hotel (?)
  11. CRESSON Jacky (Pau): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  12. DULLIN Holger (Colorado) + wife BELLANCA Mary: arrive on 04/Apr but will come to Army Hotel on 08/Apr — 14/Apr 17h00, Army Hotel
  13. *EYONG Elson (Cameroon): ?
  14. FALQUI Gregorio (Milano): 08/Apr 19h40 via Bangkok (or before 08/Apr) — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  15. FONTANELLI Laura (Milano): 30/Mar 8h25 — ?, Guesthouse of Overseas Vietnamese from 30/Mar to 08/Apr, then Army Hotel from 08/Apr.
  16. GAVRILOV Lubomir (Toulouse): 08/Apr 10h via HongKong — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  17. GAY-BALMAZ François (Lausanne): 04/Apr 15h00 — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  18. GRAVA Tamara (Trieste) + partner: 08/Apr — 16/Apr, Army Hotel
  19. HANSSMANN Heinz (Utrecht): Sun 08/Apr 13h40 MH752 — Sat 14/Apr 14h40 MH753, Army Hotel
  20. HIETARINTA Jarmo (Turku): 08/Apr 19h40 via Bangkok — 17/Apr 20h45, Army Hotel
  21. KAPPELER Thomas (Zurich): Sun 08/Apr 12h35 SingapourAir — Fri 13/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  22. KODAMA Yuji (Ohio): Sun 08/Apr 14h30 from Tokyo — 14/Apr 23h50, Army Hotel
  23. LOMBARDO Guillaume (Grenoble): 02/Apr 15h00 AF174 — ?, Army Hotel
  24. MAEDA Yoshiaki (Tokyo): 04/Apr — 11/Apr, Institute of Maths or Army Hotel ?
  25. MARCO Jean-Pierre (Paris): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  26. MORALES Juan (Barcelona): Sun 08/Apr 19h40 TG486 — 16/Apr, Army Hotel
  27. *PALACIAN Jesus (Navarra)
  28. PRZYBYLSKA Maria (Grenoble): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  29. RAMIS Jean-Pierre (Toulouse): 09/Apr 15h AF0174 — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  30. RATIU Tudor (Lausanne): 04/Apr 15h00 — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  31. ROBBINS Jonathan (Bristol): 08/Apr — 15/Apr 19h10, Army Hotel
  32. SENTHILVELAN M. (India): 08/Apr 13h40 MH752 — 13/Apr 13h30, Army Hotel
  33. TAFEL Jacek (Warsaw): 10/Apr — 14/Apr at Army Hotel + excursion in Halong
  34. TOKIEDA Tadashi (England): 03/Apr 14h30 from Tokyo — 15/Apr 23h55, Army Hotel
  35. TOVAR Luis Manuel (Mexico): Mon 09/Apr — ?, Heritage Hotel
  36. TSYGVINTSEV Alexei (Lyon): Sat 30/Mar 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35 via Singapour, Army Hotel
  37. VU NGOC San (Grenoble): Mon 09/Apr 15h00 AF174 — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  38. WEIL Jacques-Arthur (Limoges): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  39. ZUNG Nguyen Tien (Toulouse), 02/Apr — 17/Apr, Guesthouse of Finance Ministry
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