I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.
by John Adams

Participants GIS2007

Below is a list of international participants (from outside of Vietnam) of the conference GIS2007, together with their arrival/departure dates and hotel (if available). If you plan to attend the conference but don’t see your name in the list, please let me know so that I can correct it.

We estimate that about 30 Vietnamese people will attend te conference.

  1. ALBOUY Alain (Paris): Sat 30/Mar 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35 via Singapore, Army Hotel
  2. AUDIN Michèle (Strasbourg): 09/Apr 15h00 AF174 — 18/Apr AF171, Army Hotel
  3. AYOUL Michael (Toulouse): 08/Apr 10h via Hongkong — ?, Army Hotel
  4. BARKATOU Moulay (Limoges): 07/Apr 12h35 via Singapore — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  5. BOLSINOV Alexey (Loughborough): 08/Apr 8h00 via Moscow — 13/Apr 12h45, Army Hotel
  6. *BOYOM Michel (Montpellier)
  7. CABRERIZO Jose (Seville) + wife: 08/Apr 12h35 SQ176 — 16/Apr 13h35 SQ175, Melia Hotel
  8. CASALE Guy (Rennes): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  9. CELLI Martin (Pisa): 07/Apr 13h40 — 14/Apr 14h40, Army Hotel
  10. CHONG Kyu Han (Seoul), Army Hotel (?)
  11. CRESSON Jacky (Pau): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  12. DULLIN Holger (Colorado) + wife BELLANCA Mary: arrive on 04/Apr but will come to Army Hotel on 08/Apr — 14/Apr 17h00, Army Hotel
  13. *EYONG Elson (Cameroon): ?
  14. FALQUI Gregorio (Milano): 08/Apr 19h40 via Bangkok (or before 08/Apr) — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  15. FONTANELLI Laura (Milano): 30/Mar 8h25 — ?, Guesthouse of Overseas Vietnamese from 30/Mar to 08/Apr, then Army Hotel from 08/Apr.
  16. GAVRILOV Lubomir (Toulouse): 08/Apr 10h via HongKong — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  17. GAY-BALMAZ François (Lausanne): 04/Apr 15h00 — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  18. GRAVA Tamara (Trieste) + partner: 08/Apr — 16/Apr, Army Hotel
  19. HANSSMANN Heinz (Utrecht): Sun 08/Apr 13h40 MH752 — Sat 14/Apr 14h40 MH753, Army Hotel
  20. HIETARINTA Jarmo (Turku): 08/Apr 19h40 via Bangkok — 17/Apr 20h45, Army Hotel
  21. KAPPELER Thomas (Zurich): Sun 08/Apr 12h35 SingapourAir — Fri 13/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  22. KODAMA Yuji (Ohio): Sun 08/Apr 14h30 from Tokyo — 14/Apr 23h50, Army Hotel
  23. LOMBARDO Guillaume (Grenoble): 02/Apr 15h00 AF174 — ?, Army Hotel
  24. MAEDA Yoshiaki (Tokyo): 04/Apr — 11/Apr, Institute of Maths or Army Hotel ?
  25. MARCO Jean-Pierre (Paris): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  26. MORALES Juan (Barcelona): Sun 08/Apr 19h40 TG486 — 16/Apr, Army Hotel
  27. *PALACIAN Jesus (Navarra)
  28. PRZYBYLSKA Maria (Grenoble): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  29. RAMIS Jean-Pierre (Toulouse): 09/Apr 15h AF0174 — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  30. RATIU Tudor (Lausanne): 04/Apr 15h00 — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  31. ROBBINS Jonathan (Bristol): 08/Apr — 15/Apr 19h10, Army Hotel
  32. SENTHILVELAN M. (India): 08/Apr 13h40 MH752 — 13/Apr 13h30, Army Hotel
  33. TAFEL Jacek (Warsaw): 10/Apr — 14/Apr at Army Hotel + excursion in Halong
  34. TOKIEDA Tadashi (England): 03/Apr 14h30 from Tokyo — 15/Apr 23h55, Army Hotel
  35. TOVAR Luis Manuel (Mexico): Mon 09/Apr — ?, Heritage Hotel
  36. TSYGVINTSEV Alexei (Lyon): Sat 30/Mar 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35 via Singapour, Army Hotel
  37. VU NGOC San (Grenoble): Mon 09/Apr 15h00 AF174 — 16/Apr 19h45, Army Hotel
  38. WEIL Jacques-Arthur (Limoges): 07/Apr 12h35 — 15/Apr 13h35, Army Hotel
  39. ZUNG Nguyen Tien (Toulouse), 02/Apr — 17/Apr, Guesthouse of Finance Ministry
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