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Có hàng trăm con đường yêu nước khác nhau. Tổ quốc Việt Nam không của riêng một đảng, một phe phái, tôn giáo nào!

by Cố thủ tướng Võ Văn Kiệt

Jean-Marie Souriau R.I.P.

I just learned that the mathematician JM Souriau, one of the foundators of symplectic geometry, died two days ago.

There is a mathematical conference organized by my colleagues  to celebrate his 90th birthday this year, and, sadly, now the conference will be without him. He was born on 03/June/1922.

Souriau is known for his . . . → Read More: Jean-Marie Souriau R.I.P.

The quality of J. Diff. Equations in doubt

The Journal of Diff. Equations was considered as a good journal in the field of differential equations and dynamical systems, and was given the A* ranking (the highest ranking) by the Australian system. I even considered submitting a paper to that journal. But now I have serious doubts about their quality and the seriousness . . . → Read More: The quality of J. Diff. Equations in doubt

Elsevier backing down ?!

Looks like the boycott against Elsevier is starting to show effects.

A letter from Elsevier to mathematicians dated yesterday (probably lots of people, including myself, found this letter in our mailbox) contains the following tidbits:

“… Mathematics journals published by Elsevier tend to be larger than those of other publishers. On a price-per-article, or . . . → Read More: Elsevier backing down ?!