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Lectures on Poisson Geometry

“Lectures on Poisson Geometry”, which is a collection of lectures, written by many authors, and edited by Tudor Ratiu, Alan Weinstein, and myself, has finally appeared in the Geometry and Topology Monographs Series, Vol. 17, 2011:

The link to the online version is: http://pjm.math.berkeley.edu/gtm/2011/17/

This volume contains the following chapters:

* Lecture on integrability of Lie brackets (R.L. Fernandes and M. Cranic)

* Normal forms of Poisson structures (JP Dufour and NT Zung)

* Deformation quantisation of Poisson manifolds (S Gutt)

* Applications of Poisson geolmetry to physical problems (D Holm)

* Hamiltonian and quantum mechanics (A Odzijewicz)

* Lectures on Poisson groupoids (C. Laurent, M. Stiénon,P. Xu)

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