Last updated 12/2013

Nguyen Tien Zung

Professor of Mathematics (1st class), University of Toulouse, France
Maried, 2 children (one is already grown up, another one in high school)
French nationality


- I’m currently Head of the Funamental Mathematics Section, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (since 01/2013, until I find someone to replace me).

- 2010: Became a coordinator of ForMathVietNam (Franco-Vietnamese cooperation program in mathematics) and the ARCUS project for scientific cooperation with Vietnam 2010-2014 (funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Il-de-France region, and the Midi-Pyrenées region of France)

- 2009: Founded the Center for financial and industrial mathematics at Hanoi National University of Education, with Prof. Do Duc Thai.

- 2008: Did consulting work for an investment company in Vietnam during some months, quit the company after learning more about the corruption in Vietnam.

- 2007: Promoted to Professor 1st class by CNU (French National Committee of Universities).

- 2005: Became French citizen.

- 2002: Became Professor of Mathematics (2nd class) at the University of Toulouse.

- 2001: Defended the HDR thesis in Montpellier ( (jury: Audin, Colin de Verdière, Dufour, Duistermaat, Fomenko, Gavrilov, Sikorav. The Habilitation is about integrable Hamiltonian systems.)

- 1997-1998: Filed a public complaint against a Counsel of the Vietnamese Embassy in France for corruption and abuse of power, and won the case.

- 1995: Got a post-doc position at max-Planck Institute (Bonn), and also a CNRS Chargé de Recherche position. Became CR CNRS at the end of 1995.

- 1994: Defended PhD thesis in Strasbourg, with Prof. Michèle Audin as supervisor. Got  a post-doc grant for 2 years from SISSA after the defense. Stayed at SISSA as a post-doc after the thesis.

- 1993-1994: Obtained a 3-year PhD fellowship from SISSA (Trieste, Italy) starting at the end of 1993.

- 1992-1993: Spent 2 years at ICTP, Trieste, Italy, as a “visiting mathematician”, with a visiting fellowship from ICTP.

- 1991: Finished 5-year university program (equivalent to MSc) at Moscow State University with a “Red” Diplome (i.e. Cum Laude).

- 1988: Chose the research domain “differential geometry” at Moscow State University, with Academician Prof. A.T. Fomenko as supervisor.

- 1986: Entered Moscow State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics.

- 1985: Skipped the last year of high school due to a prize at IMO 1985, and so finished high school  (the one belonging to Hanoi National University) that year, and got a Vietnamese government fellowship to study in Russia. Studied Russian at the Institute of Foreign Languages of hanoi during 1985-1986.


- See AMS MathSciNet for an almost up-to-date list. (About 40 publications on MathSciNet as of 12/2013 + several research papers not yet in MathScinet. MathSciNet counted 288 citations by 182 authors to my work since 2000. That does not inlude citations in non-mathematical papers , e.g. articles in molecular chemistry which use integrable hamiltonian systems).

- Also wrote 2 mathematical university textbooks in Vietnamese, and some mathematical books for children in Vietnamese.

oulouse until now. Since 2002 working actively on Poisson geometry, and was a member of various committees of international conferences on Poisson geometry. (After Poisson2010 I decided to resign from these Poisson committees so that I can concentrate my efforts on building the field of financial mathematics in Vietnam).

Current research interests:

- Poisson geometry.

- Dynamical systems, especially integrable ones.

- Singular foliations, especially the algebraic theory of their rigidity, deformation, cohomology.

- Financial mathematics (I currently have a PhD student working on stochastic dynamical systems applied to financial mathematics).


- I’m an invited speaker at many international conferences (a few a year, all over the world). The last ones (in 2013) include a conference in EPFL Lausanne (70th birthday of Alan Weinstein), a conference in CIRM Marseille (Finite-dimensional integrable systems), a school in CRM Barcelona (minicourse lecturer on integrable systems), a conference at Fields Institute Toronto (Exterior Differential Systems), etc.

- I made short-term visits to many places, e;g. Max-Planck, EPFL, IST Lisbon, etc. recently.

- I acted as a referee/reviewer for many things (articles, research grant, promotions, PhD theses, etc.) for the international mathematical community.

- I organized every year an international mathematical school or conference in Vietnam to help develop mathematics there, since 2007.

- I have a few former PhD students who have finished their thesis and gone back to their countries. I currently have some students at PhD and MSc levels.

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