People who live in the post-totalitarian system know only too well that the question of whether one or several political parties are in power, and how these parties define and label themselves, is of far less importance than the question of whether or not it is possible to live like a human being.
by Vaclav Havel


Last updated 12/2013

Nguyen Tien Zung

Professor of Mathematics (1st class), University of Toulouse, France
Maried, 2 children (one is already grown up, another one in high school)
French nationality


- I’m currently Head of the Funamental Mathematics Section, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (since 01/2013, until I find someone to replace me).

- 2010: Became a coordinator of ForMathVietNam (Franco-Vietnamese cooperation program in mathematics) and the ARCUS project for scientific cooperation with Vietnam 2010-2014 (funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Il-de-France region, and the Midi-Pyrenées region of France)

- 2009: Founded the Center for financial and industrial mathematics at Hanoi National University of Education, with Prof. Do Duc Thai.

- 2008: Did consulting work for an investment company in Vietnam during some months, quit the company after learning more about the corruption in Vietnam.

- 2007: Promoted to Professor 1st class by CNU (French National Committee of Universities).

- 2005: Became French citizen.

- 2002: Became Professor of Mathematics (2nd class) at the University of Toulouse.

- 2001: Defended the HDR thesis in Montpellier ( (jury: Audin, Colin de Verdière, Dufour, Duistermaat, Fomenko, Gavrilov, Sikorav. The Habilitation is about integrable Hamiltonian systems.)

- 1997-1998: Filed a public complaint against a Counsel of the Vietnamese Embassy in France for corruption and abuse of power, and won the case.

- 1995: Got a post-doc position at max-Planck Institute (Bonn), and also a CNRS Chargé de Recherche position. Became CR CNRS at the end of 1995.

- 1994: Defended PhD thesis in Strasbourg, with Prof. Michèle Audin as supervisor. Got  a post-doc grant for 2 years from SISSA after the defense. Stayed at SISSA as a post-doc after the thesis.

- 1993-1994: Obtained a 3-year PhD fellowship from SISSA (Trieste, Italy) starting at the end of 1993.

- 1992-1993: Spent 2 years at ICTP, Trieste, Italy, as a “visiting mathematician”, with a visiting fellowship from ICTP.

- 1991: Finished 5-year university program (equivalent to MSc) at Moscow State University with a “Red” Diplome (i.e. Cum Laude).

- 1988: Chose the research domain “differential geometry” at Moscow State University, with Academician Prof. A.T. Fomenko as supervisor.

- 1986: Entered Moscow State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics.

- 1985: Skipped the last year of high school due to a prize at IMO 1985, and so finished high school  (the one belonging to Hanoi National University) that year, and got a Vietnamese government fellowship to study in Russia. Studied Russian at the Institute of Foreign Languages of hanoi during 1985-1986.


- See AMS MathSciNet for an almost up-to-date list. (About 40 publications on MathSciNet as of 12/2013 + several research papers not yet in MathScinet. MathSciNet counted 288 citations by 182 authors to my work since 2000. That does not inlude citations in non-mathematical papers , e.g. articles in molecular chemistry which use integrable hamiltonian systems).

- Also wrote 2 mathematical university textbooks in Vietnamese, and some mathematical books for children in Vietnamese.

oulouse until now. Since 2002 working actively on Poisson geometry, and was a member of various committees of international conferences on Poisson geometry. (After Poisson2010 I decided to resign from these Poisson committees so that I can concentrate my efforts on building the field of financial mathematics in Vietnam).

Current research interests:

- Poisson geometry.

- Dynamical systems, especially integrable ones.

- Singular foliations, especially the algebraic theory of their rigidity, deformation, cohomology.

- Financial mathematics (I currently have a PhD student working on stochastic dynamical systems applied to financial mathematics).


- I’m an invited speaker at many international conferences (a few a year, all over the world). The last ones (in 2013) include a conference in EPFL Lausanne (70th birthday of Alan Weinstein), a conference in CIRM Marseille (Finite-dimensional integrable systems), a school in CRM Barcelona (minicourse lecturer on integrable systems), a conference at Fields Institute Toronto (Exterior Differential Systems), etc.

- I made short-term visits to many places, e;g. Max-Planck, EPFL, IST Lisbon, etc. recently.

- I acted as a referee/reviewer for many things (articles, research grant, promotions, PhD theses, etc.) for the international mathematical community.

- I organized every year an international mathematical school or conference in Vietnam to help develop mathematics there, since 2007.

- I have a few former PhD students who have finished their thesis and gone back to their countries. I currently have some students at PhD and MSc levels.

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