A week in Eskimo

A photo diary of a trip to Toronto, 07-14/12/2013. Click on the images to view them in bigger format.

More pictures to come!

We arrived in Eskimo on Saturday evening. Expected it to be cold, with lots of snow, but there was none! Took a cab (or was it a limo ?) from the Pearson Airport to an appartment that we rented via airbnb, which is situated in a small quiet street called Oxford Str., in the old Kensington Markets quarter, and near the Chinatown.The cab cost 60 eskimo dollars. Didn’t give any tip because didn’t know that one should. (On the way back from Toronto to the airport I gave a tip). The appartment that we rented is a much better solution than the hotel. It is not big, but is very cosy, an hace a nice kitchen. The owner of the house seems to be a very cultured person, who has an impressive library of philosophical books. During our stay there, I could even read about the relationship between sex and buddhism from a book in her library.

Rented a Ford Fusion to drive to Niagara Falls on Sunday 08/12/2013. The car was brand new (only a few hundred km on the counter), but was not very impressive. It was a gas guzzler (10l/100km on the highway), but was not very strong, and the Eskimo highway + this car just felt like a … Vietnamese road, i.e. bumpy! My old BMW 530D is much better. On the way back from Niagara Falls, I was soooo sleepy that I exited the highway at the wrong time twice.

Already saw this thing 10 yeas ago, but from the othe side of the border:

On Sunday night we had a nice dinner in the CN 360 restaurant on the CN tower, some 350m from the ground. The restaurant floor is rotating around the axis of the tower, so sitting in one place we would see the whole city during the dinner.

(Eskimo by night, viewed from CN360 restaurant)

The food there was quite good:

During the week, I went to this “Three Chalk” Institute for a conference:

… to befriend with squirrels:

… and to give a talk (which as sleepy, due to jetlag, on Monday):

A mathematical construction:

(2 Mai’s inside the Fields Institute, on Wednesday, on the occasion of an Xmas party of the Institute)

Eskimo by night:

(CN tower viewed from the lake side))

No it’s not Hongkong:

(Chinatown by night, Dundas street)

Even the street names are in Chinese:

(The small appaertment that we rented is situated in this Oxford Str.)

Visiting the lake side:

Mirella enjoying the Natrel Ice Rink near the lake, with new skates bought the day before:

(Ice skating  is a national sport in Eskimo, and so they have many public free open-air ice rinks. Natrel Ice Rink seems to be the most beautiful one there, with lights and music during the evening.)

Heavy snow on the day of departure:



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3 comments to A week in Eskimo

  • nieman MonsterID Icon nieman

    I know every vietnamese including myself makes this mistake: it is called “ice rink”, not “ice ring”. Thanks for sharing.

  • admin MonsterID Icon admin

    Cảm ơn nieman chỉ ra lỗi sai :)

  • Troc MonsterID Icon Troc

    Hehe, Airbnb tuong doi hay, thinh thoang gap phai bad host, bad house, con thi tuong doi re va tien. Chau di dau ma phai bo tien tui thi cung hay dung airbnb. Van hoa tip la 1 van hoa rat ky cuc cua Bac My. Di sang chau Au thi cha phai tip bao gio ca.

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