Free online articles on (integrable) nonholonomic systems

Got an ad from Regular and Chaotic Dynamics:

The following RCD articles on non-holonomic systems, contact mechanics and applications will
be available on free access at  till March 1, 2013.

V.V. Kozlov, On Invariant Manifolds of Nonholonomic Systems

A.V. Borisov, A.A. Kilin, I.S. Mamaev, How to Control Chaplygin’s Sphere
Using Rotors

S.V. Bolotin, The Problem of Optimal Control of a Chaplygin Ball by Internal

A.P. Ivanov, N.D. Shuvalov, On the Motion of a Heavy Body with a Circular
Base on a Horizontal Plane and Riddles of Curling

A.P. Markeev, The Dynamics of a Rigid Body Colliding with a Rigid Surface

A.V. Borisov, A.A. Kilin, I.S. Mamaev, Generalized Chaplygin’s Transformation
and Explicit Integration of a System with a Spherical Support

A.V. Bolsinov, A.V. Borisov, I.S. Mamaev, Rolling of a Ball without Spinning
on a Plane: the Absence of an Invariant Measure in a System with a Complete
Set of Integrals

A.V. Bolsinov, A.V. Borisov, I.S. Mamaev, Hamiltonization of Nonholonomic
Systems in the Neighborhood of Invariant Manifolds

A.A. Zobova, Comments on the Paper by M.C. Ciocci, B. Malengier, B. Langerock,
and B. Grimonprez “Towards a Prototype of a Spherical Tippe Top”

A.Y. Jalnine, S.P. Kuznetsov, I.R. Sataev, J.V. Sedova,
Dynamical Phenomena Occurring due to Phase Volume Compression in Nonholonomic
Model of the Rattleback

A.V. Tsiganov, On the Poisson Structures for the Nonholonomic Chaplygin
and Veselova Problems

A.V. Borisov, A.A. Kilin, I.S. Mamaev, Stability of Steady Rotations in the
Nonholonomic Routh Problem

A.V. Tsiganov, One Invariant Measure and Different Poisson Brackets for
Two Non-Holonomic Systems

B. Kim, Routh Symmetry in the Chaplygin’s Rolling Ball

A.V. Borisov, A.A. Kilin, I.S. Mamaev, On the Model of Non-holonomic Billiard

S. Benenti, The Non-holonomic Double Pendulum: an Example of Non-linear
Non-holonomic System
Got an ad from the journal Regular and Chaotic Dynamics, which have papers of interest to me:

A.V. Borisov, I.S. Mamaev, Two Non-holonomic Integrable Problems Tracing
Back to Chaplygin

A.V. Borisov, A.A. Kilin, I.S. Mamaev, Rolling of a Homogeneous Ball over
a Dynamically Asymmetric Sphere

A.V. Borisov, A.A. Kilin, I.S. Mamaev, Hamiltonicity and integrability
of the Suslov problem

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