Integrability Workshop in Rouen 14-16/Nov/2012

I’ll attend an integrability workshop in Rouen from 14 to 16 November 2012:


The registration is now open.
Attention: the registration deadline is the 19th of October.

Priliminary list of lecturers:

Alain Albouy (Paris) Eva Miranda (Barcelona)
Elie Assémat (Dijon) Juan Morales-Ruiz (Madrid)
Boris Bardin (Moscow) Andriy Panasyuk (Olsztyn)
Bernard Bonnard (Dijon) Jean-Pierre Ramis (Toulouse)
Yuri Fedorov (Barcelona) Vladimir Roubtsov (Angers)
Jean-Pierre Françoise (Paris) Dmitry Sinitsyn (Moscow)
Božidar Jovanović (Belgrade) Alexei Tsygvintsev (Lyon)
Clémence Labrousse (Paris) Jacques-Arthur Weil (Limoges)
Jean-Pierre Marco (Paris) Nguyen Tien Zung (Toulouse)
Vladimir Matveev (Jena)


  • integrability and non-integrability of dynamical systems
  • geometry of integrable systems
  • applications of Differential Galois Theory to integrability
  • numerical methods in integrability
  • integrability in optimal control
  • and related subjects.

The goal is to bring together researchers working on different
aspects of integrability problems and to exchange ideas.


Organizing Committee: Witold Respondek, Vladimir Salnikov, Andrzej Maciejewski.


The workshop is supported by
Prix Lavrentiev 2012,
Laboratoire Mathematique de l’INSA,
Fédération Normandie-Mathématique.

A limited number of grants covering travel and/or lodging expenses
will be available (especially for young participants).


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