Suất thực tập tại Barcelone cho NCS và PhD trẻ

Thông tin này có thể bổ ích với các bạn trẻ VN, muốn sang Barcelona thực tập từ 1 đế n 3 tháng:

The DevMath-CRM Program (Supporting Maths in Developing World) aims to support mathematical research in developing countries.
In the frame of this program, the CRM will host, for stays ranging between 1 and 3 months, young researchers wishing to participate in a research program of the CRM, or temporarily joining a research group of the CRM or of another Catalan institution. Applicants must fulfil the following requirements:
1) be a citizen of a developing country as stated in
2) have obtained the Ph Degree in the last three years or be ready to obtain it in the next two years.
The CRM will cover travel expenses (up to a maximum amount to be negotiated), will provide with free of charge accommodation (in an studio type apartment located on campus) and an allowance for the research period (between September 2012 and July 2013). The centre will also offer administrative support for issuing the visa, if necessary.
Candidates must submit their application before July 15, 2012.
An answer will be given during the month of July.


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