The quality of J. Diff. Equations in doubt

The Journal of Diff. Equations was considered as a good journal in the field of differential equations and dynamical systems, and was given the A* ranking (the highest ranking) by the Australian system. I even considered submitting a paper to that journal. But now I have serious doubts about their quality and the seriousness of their Editorial Board, after discovering that a guy (which I will not name here) published 3 papers in it in a year last year. There is nothing wrong per se in sending 3 papers to a same journal within a year. But things start to look suspicious when:

* that guy published nearly 300 papers, but was cited less than 600 times (per MathSciNet), meaning only 2 citations per paper. Most of them are, without a doubt, self-citations or citations by his direct collaborators.

* I tried to read a paper of his, and found it of very “modest” quality. (It’s not surprising, given the fact that his many papers were not very appreciated and cited by people other than his students and direct collaborators). But why did J Diff Equ accept so many papers of “modest” quality from him ?!

Now, this is a journal published by Elsevier. Elsevier has become notorious for their very loosy scientific standards. So it may be quite logical that J Diff Equ also went downhill. One more reason to boycott Elsevier !

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6 comments to The quality of J. Diff. Equations in doubt

  • KETD MonsterID Icon KETD

    I’d like to share a suspicion that, there has been too many authors from China published in JDE recently. I wonder if there are so much Chinese leading specialists in the field of DE?

  • Son MonsterID Icon Son

    @KETD: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Chinese authors here. By the way, how much percentage of them among all authors of DE is it enough for you to say “too many”?

  • KETD MonsterID Icon KETD

    @Son: I agree with you that there’s no wrong. It’s just a suspicion since I have no high opinion on the works from China published in JDE.

  • qlh MonsterID Icon qlh

    Dear Zung:

    Your comment is unfair. I mean that you cannot obtain any right conclusion about the population from just only one sample!
    I think that the reason for such a ridiculous comment is the fact that your paper is rejected by JDE

  • admin MonsterID Icon admin

    Wow. I never ever submitted anything to JDE, so what you “think” cannot be anymore “fair” than my comment about them. Not that I care.

    It’s enough for JDE to allow one such scandalous case of repeated abuse to happen in order for me to lose respect for them.

  • Ping MonsterID Icon Ping

    I agree with Zung

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