Elsevier backing down ?!

Looks like the boycott against Elsevier is starting to show effects.

A letter from Elsevier to mathematicians dated yesterday (probably lots of people, including myself, found this letter in our mailbox) contains the following tidbits:

“… Mathematics journals published by Elsevier tend to be larger than those of other publishers. On a price-per-article, or price-per-page level, our prices are typically, but not always, lower than those of other mathematics publishers.”

” ..Elsevier has announced today that we are withdrawing our support for the Research Works Act.”

(This Act is a ominous attempt by the commercial publishers to steal the copyright of and restrict the freedom of access to research work done by researchers using public funds ?!).

One should not forget that there are still many fundamental unsolved issues with their pricing and editing policies (e.g. the bundling practice which forces library to buy rubbish journals that no one needs, and the fact that they continue to publish/support journals without a serious editorial board).

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