Poisson Book (2005)

Jean-Paul Dufour and Nguyen Tien Zung, Poisson structures and their normal forms, Progress in Mathematics, Vol. 242, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 2005. xvi+321 pp.

The book has  been reviewed by Jan Sanders (University of Amsterdam) for LMS. His review can be found here:Bull. London Math. Soc.,  40 (2008), 1094-1095.

Jan Sanders says that the book is well-written, and that he recommends it to anyone “with a fair interest in the interaction between formal algebraic methods, analysis and physical applications”. I guess that includes almost every mathematician and physicist, so you may as well order the book if you don’t have it yet :-)

The first chapters of this book  may serve as an introduction to Poisson geometry for interested people. They actually grew out from a graduate course that Jean-Paul and I taught in Montpellier around 2000.

The other chapters are about the normal forms of Poisson structures and related objects, including vector fields, singular foliations, Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids.

Some results in the book are original had have not been previously published elsewhere. These include generalized Kupka phenomena (in the chapter on Nambu structures and singular foliations – the ideas there area mainly due to Jean-Paul), and linearization problem for Poisson structures with a con-compact simisimple linear part (joint work with Philippe Monnier).

There are some small errors in a paragraph about quadratization of Poisson structures, pointed out to us by Laurent Stolovitch. If anyone is working on it, please consult with Laurent or Philipp Lohrmann who imporoved some of our quadratization results.

After the publication of the book, there have been new interesting results about normal forms of Poisson structures, including: Crainic, Fernandes, Martinez (geometric approach to linearization of Poisson structures and groupoids, Poisson structures of compact type), Marcut, Vorobiev (normal forms in a neighborhood of a symplectic leaf), Stolovitch and Lohrmann (analytic and Gevrey-class normal forms), Monnier, Miranda and myself (rigidity of Hamiltonian actions), and so on. Comments welcome, especially about new developments.

I’m glad to see that this book could serve many people as an introduction to Poisson structures and also to Lie algebroids and groupoids.

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