Marco Brunella RIP

Sad news received today:

My friend and colleague Marco Brunella died earlier this month in Rio de Janeiro after being attacked on the street (?!)

I’ve known Marco for about 20 years. We were students  in Trieste at around the same time. He did his PhD thesis with Alberto Verjovsky, and came on to become a very fine mathematician specializing in singular complex foliations.

Added 27/01/2012: According to a Franco-Brazilian colleague, it’s still not clear in which circumstances Marco died. People found him dead on the beach of Rio de Janeiro. He choked on water, and his head was hit, but it was not clear if it was someone who hit him, or because he fell by himself due to some illness. He arrived in Rio just 2 days before that fateful event, and was planning to stay at IMPA for 3 months. I’m very saddened by his death. He’s just a bit older than me.

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  • Rosy MonsterID Icon Rosy

    Hi Iam from Brazil however I been living in the United States since 2007. I met Marco in Brazil on 2004 he was the most sweet person that I ever have met. He had a great personality and was very smart. We were planing on meet this year. I am very sad and shocked about the news. I always love him and always will. I don’t think I will ever forget him.

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