May Flowers

Copyleft, May/2011. Pictures taken in my garden. (Click on the pictures to see them in 2048×1536 resolution)

a white climbing rose

under the sun

this rosetree has flowers almost all year long

classical red

This white variety is very healthy, they say.

Planted this year.

This yellow rose tree almost died during a hot summer, and is still very weak.

These pink rose flowers can last up to 2 weeks on the tree.

This striped one has lots of flowers, but probably needs more sunshine.

An old climbing yellow rose tree near a fence

Another pink rose variety. The picture is a bit blurry.

This climbing rose tree has hundreds of flowers in May.

Jasmin d’été

This “winter jasmine” tree has very nice perfuming flowers, and remains green during the winter. One of my favorite trees.

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