Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism it's just the opposite
by John Kenneth Galbraith (1908 - 2006)

… an organized crime that Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch organized …

From the mouth of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne:

… We now have thorough documentation that Goldman Sachs just organized this crime, and it’s super clear … These guys are enemies of the republic …

Read more (just an example of organized crime on Wall Street by the biggest houses): http://www.benzinga.com/life/movers-shakers/11/03/968259/byrne-ceo-of-overstock-continues-his-crusade-against-goldman

Topology of integrable non-Hamiltonian systems

Last updated: 01/Apr/2011

This is a research project on which a PhD student of mine is working with me. Please don’t steal the ideas and results that I discuss here.

The problem is to study the topology and geometry of proper non-Hamiltonian integrable dynamical systems on manifold. A non-Hamiltonian integrable system consists of:

* . . . → Read More: Topology of integrable non-Hamiltonian systems

Những mẩu chuyện về nước X (3): Con quỉ Maxwell đã được tìm thấy

(Tin giật gân thông báo cho mọi người biết, theo dõi bản tin chi tiết sắp có)

Some rigidity stuff

While looking for results on rigidity, I stumbled upon the following paper by Fisher:

David Fisher, First cohomology and local rigidity of group actions, Ann. Math. (to appear ? a preprint is available since 2009)

The main result of this paper is:

Thm: Let \Gamma be a finitedly presented group, (M,g) a compact Riemannian . . . → Read More: Some rigidity stuff

Second order models

Here’s a real research problem that I’m trying to think about:

How to introduce and study second order models (say for stochastic processes and financial time series) ?

By second order, I mean stochastic difference or diffenrential equations of second order (as opposed to 1st order used in existing literature).

Why 2nd order ?

. . . → Read More: Second order models

Introduction to modern time series analysis, by Kirchgassner and Wolters, 2007.

Today I just read quikly through the book “Introduction to modern time series analysis” by Gebhard Kirchgassner and Jurgen Wolters, Springer, 2007 (which is available in electronic form, if you know how to find it).

I found the book excellent. It’s very well written, not too thick (less than 300 pages), and explains clearly . . . → Read More: Introduction to modern time series analysis, by Kirchgassner and Wolters, 2007.

Solar companies

Some spreadsheets about global solar companies, provided by an investor (odyd12) on yahoo message board:



Overcapacity ?

38GW module capacity by end of 2011 vs. demand 22GW in 2011 (58% of capacity, vs. 75% in 2010 and 66% in 2009)

24GW capacity in 2010, capacity expansion 58% from 2010 to 2011, while . . . → Read More: Solar companies


in my garden

Cherry flowers

Pear tree


Tulipes in rose garden


. . . → Read More: Springtime

Phân tích sơ bộ Trina Solar

Trina Solar (TSL) là một trong những công ty lớn nhất trong ngành điện mặt trời.  Trina Solar được thành lập từ 1998, thuộc loại “già đời” trong ngành solar, trong khi nhiều công ty solar lớn khác như Jinko, LDK trẻ hơn nhiều, đến 2005-2006 mới xuất hiện.

Về sản lượng PV cells, . . . → Read More: Phân tích sơ bộ Trina Solar

Dynamical systems with missing variables

Today we had a seminar on GARCH models for time series. Engle,who invetend the ARCH model in 1982, got a Nobel prize in economics, so it seems that these models are really widely used now. But still they look like black magic to me (or like blind fortune tellers, each tounching a different part . . . → Read More: Dynamical systems with missing variables

GS Hoàng Tụy phát biểu về giáo dục

nhân dịp nhận giải thưởng Phân Châu Trinh. Tôi copy lại đây từ blog của Ngô Quang Hưng. Những chỗ in đậm là một số câu tôi thấy thú vị tự in đậm:


Vì một nền giáo dục trung thực, lành mạnh và hiện đại

(Diễn từ tại buổi lễ trao giải . . . → Read More: GS Hoàng Tụy phát biểu về giáo dục

Năm nay liệu có ra quả chưa ?

Đố ai biết là cây gì

Mùa xuân sang có hoa anh đào

Hứa hẹn những quả cherry ngọt lịm :D (chụp ở vườn nhà, ngày 22/03/2011)