A vortex inside a vortex

A vortex inside a vortex inside a vortex inside a vortex … This maybe a good model for the chaotic behavior of fluids. I’m curious how can one construct such a “vortex inside a vortex” solution theoretically and study its properties.

There doesn’t seem to exist much material on this subject ?!

Found this interesting tidbit:

Vortex inside a vortex
1 December 2000

Researchers at the University of California have been studying the behaviour of vortices placed within a larger-sized vortex. Since vortices in a real liquid are rather difficult to study because of viscosity, the UC team employed a magnetized two- dimensional electron gas with properties close to those of an ideal liquid, and used a photocathode to create in it electron vortices of required configuration. A small vortex so produced first circulated together with the material of the larger one, and then within its orbit a oppositely spinning vortex-like `hole’ developed, whose growth ultimately made the motion of the entire system chaotic. This effect had been predicted theoretically earlier. Similar phenomena may occur in oceanic vortices and in the dense atmospheres of giant planets. Source: Phys.Rev.Lett. 85 4052 2000


Another interesting tidbit (earth energy glossary):

Vortex: A circular swirling motion of energy. A vortex will in general be characterized by the direction of motion as clock wise or counterclockwise; and the direction relating to the earth surface, either an outward flow (electrical) or inward pull (magnetic).

Electrical Vortex: A classification of vortex that spirals energy from inside the earth. Electrical vortexes can vary in diameter from a few feet wide to mega vortexes, such as Sedona and Lake Titicaca. The latter is up to 75 miles in diameter.

Magnetic Vortex: A classification of vortex that pulls energy inward from above into the earth. Magnetic vortexes are less frequent that electrical vortexes, and are generally larger in diameter.

Electromagnetic Vortex: A vortex exhibiting both inward and outward energy sources. These are generally a vortex inside a vortex.

Related notions:

Rossby vortices / waves & spiral structures ?

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