R.I.P. Naoufel

I’m very sad to learn that my friend and colleague Naoufel Ben Abdallah suddenly passed away yesterday (05 July)  in a car accident. It’s a great loss for our mathematical community in Toulouse. And it reminds me how dangerous it is to drive when you’re tired or sleepy.

Naoufel was a brilliant applied  mathematician (modelisation, applied PDEs, …). He got his PhD degree in 1994 from Ecole Polytechnique in 1994, and quickly became Professor of Mathematyics in Toulouse in 1998, after passing 4 years as “chargé de recherche CNRS”. He was also a very fine human being, always very kind and smiling. I used to teach some courses together with Noaufel, and it was always very nice to work together with him.

His web site contains a long list of  things (research papers, PhD supervisions, administrative work …) he managed to do:


RIP Naoufel. I’ll miss you very much.

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