If I ran a school, I'd give the average grade to the ones who gave me all the right answers, for being good parrots. I'd give the top grades to those who made a lot of mistakes and told me about them, and then told me what they learned from them.
by R. Buckminster Fuller

My talks at IMPA (streaming videos)

Geometry of Gelfand-Cetlin integrable system (Conservative dynamics and symplectic geometry  2009):


Dynamics on Poisson manifolds (Poisson 2010):


(now that I listened to my own talk at IMPA, I found that my English was really horrible !)

For all video lectures recorded by IMPA:


Poisson2010 Rio: symmetry leads to non-integrability !

Yesterday (July 26) I gave a talk at “Poisson 2010” at IMPA. The talk was about the entropy of Poisson manifolds, normal forms (of Hamiltonian systems on Poisson manifolds), resonances, and (non)integrability, and was dedicated to the memory of JJ Duistermaat (who is well-known for Fourier operators and symplecitc geometry, but also did a . . . → Read More: Poisson2010 Rio: symmetry leads to non-integrability !

Univ of Luxembourg: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Just had a conversation with a friend, who’s full prof in Luxembourg, over the breakfast.

The good: they are filthy rich

The bad: my friend’s salary is equal to the salary of a high school teacher in Luxembourg, but without the benefits of a high school teacher.

The ugly: they run the University of Lumxembourg like a corporation !

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How to destroy universities ?

Tired of doing theoretical research, I’m now learning about how to build good universities. It turns out that to build good universities is really difficult, you need a lot of good conditions, and decades or even centuries. But to destroy universities (literally or figuratively) is much easier, and there are policies and actions with “good intention” (aiming to improve universities) which actually destroy universities. (As they say, the road to hell is paved with good samaritans). So even if you don’t want to destroy universities and instead want to build universities, you should also know about those “good-sounding” policies which destroy universities in order to avoid them.

I’m collecting here the “most effective methods” to destroy universities. If you know of other methods, please send them to me. Thank you !

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R.I.P. Naoufel

I’m very sad to learn that my friend and colleague Naoufel Ben Abdallah suddenly passed away yesterday (05 July)  in a car accident. It’s a great loss for our mathematical community in Toulouse. And it reminds me how dangerous it is to drive when you’re tired or sleepy.

Naoufel was a brilliant applied  mathematician . . . → Read More: R.I.P. Naoufel

Giáo dục VN: đi lên hay đi xuống ?!

Trên báo VN vừa xuất hiện được bài báo của Thứ Trưởng Trần Quang Qúy ít lâu kể các thành tích của nền giáo dục VN (dưới thời Bô Trưởng NTN)


thì GS Nguyễn Văn Tuấn liền làm luôn 2 bài phân tích thống kê để chứng minh rằng thành tích là “thành . . . → Read More: Giáo dục VN: đi lên hay đi xuống ?!