Free e-book “Introduction to Real Analysis” by William Trench

I got an email from William Trench (professor emeritus at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas) about his free e-book “Introduction to Real Analysis” so I guess I would pass this info along. Though most books are available online now, it’s still very nice that some auhtors contibute to the public domain by explicitly giving their books (= thousands of working hours) to the society for free.


1. Click on
3. Adobe Acrobat (a free download from will open the
   the file.
4. Click on "File" in the upper left corner of the screen.
5. Click on "Save Page As"
6. Select the folder where you want to download the file.
7. Click "Save". This should complete the download.

A complete instructor's solution manual is available by email to
"wtrench at", subject to verification of the requestor's
faculty status.

I would  appreciate it if you would pass this along to colleagues
who may be interested.

William F. Trench
Professor Emeritus
Mathematics Department
Trinity University
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Home address: 659 Hopkinton Road, Hopkinton, NH 03229 USA (603 228 1945)
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