Conference in memory of Paulette Libermann

Paulette Libermann: Héritage et descendence, Paris, 07-12/Dec/2009

Ici, l’affiche du colloque (version 25 avril 2009)

I’ll have to prepare a talk for this conference. Maybe rigidity of group actions on Poisson manifolds, or maybe  integrable systems with globally defined action functions ?

Here is a short biography of Paulette Libermann:

According to Michèle Audin:

“In her thesis…can be found a number of things which lie now at the bases of symplectic geometry—which was not as fashionable then as it is today. For instance, she investigated foliations of symplectic manifolds and the local structure of the manifold together with certain foliations (a generalization of Darboux’s theorem); she defined what Alan Weinstein would twenty years later call the affine structure of a Lagrangian foliation (this is at the basis of the theory of integrable systems); she investigated the almost-complex structures on a symplectic manifold that would turn out to be very useful, thirty years later, when Mikhael Gromov introduced and made such beautiful use of his pseudo-holomorphic curves, creating symplectic topology.”

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